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What is Debt Review?

Debt review is a solution to consumers who are over indebted. You are guided through the process of dealing with your debt, by a dedicated and certified debt counsellor, whilst protecting your assets and dignity.

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What we do for you during the debt review process?

We shield you from your creditors by taking over all negotiations on your behalf.

We reduce your monthly payments up to 60% by finding an affordable solution that suites your wallet.

You get a certified and dedicated debt counsellor who will offer advice and guidance every step of the way.

What is the expected outcome of this process?

Other than living a debt free life, you can also expect:

Immediate financial relief

Reduce the stress and start gaining control of your finances.

Protection for assets

Remove the fear of asset forfeiture and protect what is yours.

Protection against legal action

No need to be afraid of the law if you’re paying your debts on time.

One reduced monthly instalment

All your debt in one place, with only one monthly instalment.

24/7 access to your progress

See your repayments and how much debt you have at any time.

Clearance of your credit record

Future credit is possible again with a clear credit record.

We are committed to your privacy

Your personal details are safe with us. We only ask for the information you need to determine whether you qualify for debt counselling and will never sell or rent your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes.


Dennis Ncube

I thought I was never going to get rid of my debt but thanks to your advice and guidance I could afford my monthly repayments and slowly managed to get back on track with my finances. Thank you!

- Dennis Ncube

Ronel Botha

It took some discipline but I managed to clear all my debt within the time Debt Expert said it would take. My credit record is now clear and I don’t need to stress about debt anymore.

- Ronél Botha